Email negotiation for procurement

(Recommended language skills: English intermediate)


online: 9th and 10th of November (in 2023)


Theory and practice of email negotiation

  • How should the letter to be structured?
  • When and who should be involved – what techniques / good practices are there for this?
  • Tactical aspects and methods of influencing by writing of the text.
  • Proper vocabulary and use of visual aids.
  • Smart use of foreign terms, abbreviations, numbers, statistics, technical terms.
  • Exercises, case studies for writing an effective and convincing procurement text.

Participation fee for open training

The price of the online training:
138.000 HUF + Hungarian VAT / person (VAT to be paid only by Hungarian tax subjects)

The training will be held from 9:00 to 12:30 (Budapest Time, CET) on Zoom. The fee includes all costs (detailed topics, licence fee of the training software, follow-up with the trainer for 12 months).

Why are our procurement trainings different?

  • A practicing procurement manager presents the training.
  • The examples are up-to-date and practical.
  • Uniquely in the course of the professional training we also use team building techniques.
  • Believe it or not, the evaluation of the instructor’s seminars is always good or excellent.
  • We review the best practices of local and foreign companies.
  • The instructor’s material is fully customizable (in case of internal training).
  • As part of a half-day workshop after the training we track the participants how they use the methods / technics they have learned at our training (optional)
  • The participants get a tailor-made development plan.
  • The participants can contact the instructor with their questions any time after the training.

External or internal training?

External training

  • By training on an external site, employees move out of the workplace, get more involved, and concentrate on training.
  • Not the whole group is away at once, but there are some who maintain the daily business at the company.
  • Participants are not disturbed by colleagues due to a signature or an urgent phone.
  • Participants can learn from each other, get to know the best practices of other companies and other purchasers. („best practice sharing“).
  • There are several time options, so the participants can choose on the one hand, and on the other hand they can join the second group afterwards.
  • Meals, venues, and technical equipment are all included in the price.

Contra external training

  • Less customizable. The internal training uses real-life examples, problems, and challenges that participants encounter every day at work, it is presented in the language and terminology that participants understand and can relate to.
  • In the case of in-house training, we give feedback to the professional leader about the performance of each group and / or colleague on the training (if needed). In the case of public seminar, this is only possible if the same company sends more than 2 people at a time.
  • Follow-up in the case of public seminar takes place not automatically and not personalized. On request, we do follow up on the company level and the participants can seek the trainer with their questions afterwards.
  • For the time being, external courses are only held in Budapest, so the cost of travel and of accommodation for our rural clients shall be added to the costs.

Our managers

Gulyás János
Gulyás János
Kovács Nikoletta
Dr. Kováts E. Ágnes
Dr. Kováts E. Ágnes
Pézsa Noémi
Pézsa Noémi
Korbely Viktor
Korbely Viktor
Móritz Péter
Móritz Péter
Gombos Csaba
Pécs László
Pécs László
Kovács József Bernát
Kovács József Bernát
Dominek Ákos
Rákosi Károly
Rákosi Károly
Oláh Sándor
Oláh Sándor

Our references in different industries


Audi, Bosch, AGC, Lear Corp, Contitech, Rati, Ten Cate, Continental, ZF Lenkesystem, Remy, Epcos, FAG, Ibiden, Eckerle, Otto Fuchs,  Agrikon KAM, ThyssenKrupp Presta, SEWS CE,  Knorr Bremse, SW Umwelttechnik, Johnson Controls, Musashi


MVM Paksi Atomerőmű, MVM Informatika, CEZ, Magyar Földgáztároló, GDF Suez, ELMŰ, Shell, MOL, Budapesti Erőmű, MVM Net


Tesco, Rauch, MARS, Rossmann, Parfümerie Douglas, Henkel, Coca-Cola, GlaxoSmithKline, Beiersdorf, Terracotta,  Anda Present, VWR, Nico, Sága,  Dréher, Borsodi, Haribo, Bonduelle, Syngenta, Pannon Oil, Wewalka, Diageo,  MARS, Heineken


Béres, Egis, GlaxoSmithKline, Richter, KCI, Schering Plough, Teva, Abbott, Thomas&Betts, Xellia, Berlin Chemie

IT/ Telekommunication /Elektronics

Magyar Telekom, Vodafone, Telenor, UPC, Emerson, Scanfils, Alpine, GTS, Tyco, DoqSys

Light industry

Billerbeck, Berkemann, Tredegar, Pénzjegynyomda, Tungsram Schréder, IVM, Electrolux, Nilfisk, LEGO, Obo Bettermann, Atlas Copco, Tisza Textil, Zeiss

Transportation and Logistics

BKV, BKK, Budapest Airport, Állami Autópálya Kezelő, Malév, MÁV, Bombardier, Waberer’s, Gefco, Gebrüder Weiss, Közút

Heavy industri

GE, Grundfos, Prec-Cast, Dunapack, Lufthansa Systems, KUKA Robotics, Szilánk, Platt, Andritz, PNH, Dunafin, Vajda Papír, Melinda Steel, MARSO


Magyarországi Evangélikus Egyház, Magyarországi Baptista Egyház, Magyar Gazdaságfejlesztő, Elli-HU


Budapest Bank, Raiffeisen, Citi, Erste, ING, CIB Bank, Uniqa, OTP, Magyar Nemzeti Bank, PwC, Winterthur, Allianz, Ernst&Young, UCB


ASA, Magyar Posta, Saubermacher, Get Work Trend, Tri Gránit, TATA, Ventiv, Confhotel, Arval


MOL, Henkel, TVK, Nordtek